Here are all the original pages from the 1952 Practical Television magazines which describe how to build the ARGUS television receiver, using a 6-inch ex-WD tube of your choice and lots of EF50s and SP61s. The articles are set out here in the correct order.

Simply click on the small pictures to see that page at higher definition. Ensure your browser does not resize the bigger images 'to fit' or you'll find them hard to read. Alternatively, right-click on the small images on this page and select 'save target as' to download the big images directly onto your computer.

Cabinet building details were not included although specially made cabinets were available from Messrs. Tallon, of Rugby. In any case the design is simple and should not be too difficult for a competent person to produce today.

Only build this televisor if you thoroughly understand how to handle very high voltages safely. This unit incorporates a mains power transformer producing 2000 volts with a relatively low source impedance - one touch will kill. Serious prospective builders would also be well advised to look at my sheet of modifications found necessary HERE.

The 'Argus' really is electronic television at its most simple... Enjoy !

General introduction and start of description of the vision receiver.  
Building the vision receiver.  

Concluding the vision receiver... Introduction to the sound receiver.

List of the components you'll need and their prices !  
Building the sound receiver. RF coil winding data.  
Introduction to the timebases.  
The timebase and sync separator circuit I ended up actually using!  
Building the timebases. Introduction to the mains EHT and CRT network. Chassis constructional data.  
Building the EHT and CRT network. How to make the CRT base support and the RF compartment screens.  
Building the power supplier... and first switch-on !  
Alignment and fault finding.  
More fault finding and a view of the underside of the power supplier.  

Prices of the parts in pounds, shillings and pence - and where to get them !


Concluding the price list. Notes on the blueprint, the EHT transformer and some coil data.  
In case your converter/modulator should be having an 'off' day, here are details on how to build a preamplifier.  
The second page describing the preamplifier.  
The improved sync separator from the Nov '53 issue.
With thanks to Jon Evans.

The famed Practical Television 'blueprint' on the Argus, which shows you where to put everything.



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