HT increased to 300v To increase contrast and scan drive
R17 increased to 10K 5 watts To increase contrast
Screened lead to phase splitter replaced with single core wire To reduce shunt capacitance
R18 doubled to 100 ohms For cooler running of V6



R31/32 replaced with single 470 ohm Economy measure to reduce HT drain on mains transformer.
T2 & T3 replaced with fixed capacitors Presets unobtainable and unnecessary for tuning
C39 replaced by 0.01uF in parallel with 0.022uF + 6K8 To reduce harshness on sound, increase bass



Mains transformer primary under-run To reduce transformer working temperature
Separate heater transformer for timebase heaters To remove load from mains transformer
Half wave HT rectification used from full HT winding To enable sufficient HT for timebase unit from transformer in stock.
C66 becomes 100uF For adequate smoothing with h/w rectification
R73 increased to 4K7 Found necessary for correct sound unit HT and reasonable economy of HT where it wasn't so critical
C65 has 15uF added in parallel To reduce ripple loading of main component and improve smoothing without overloading rectifier
C67 & C68 increased to 22uF To improve smoothing and take advantage of modern smaller component



V12 replace by BY206 diode Reduce heater drain and shunt capacitance on video
C44 reduced to 0.02uF To reduce frame foldover
Revised sync separator from Nov '53 issue Greatly improved picture sync lock
C43 reduced to 0.01uF Correction of article misprint - frame speed was far too slow
R33 increased to 4M7 To preserve higher video frequencies
X plates and Y plates connections transposed and tube rotated by 90 degrees To obtain sufficient width
Screened lead from phase splitter to CRT replaced with plain single wire To reduce capacitative shunt of higher video frequencies
R42, R43, R47, R48 reduced in value and uprated for power To obtain sufficient width
0.01uF added to V17 grid Trade off, for better interlace at slight cost of vertical linearity
33pF added to V15 grid To correct irregular line triggering when set stood on conductive surface



Mu-metal screening used around tube To remove severe hum on both shape and contrast of displayed image
CV2810 tube replaced VCR97 For a brighter black-and-white picture instead of dim green
Grid lead separated from tube feeder cable harness To prevent capacitative shunt of higher video frequencies
V19 replaced with BY206 diode Easier to fit and less capacitative
Above-chassis EHT components mounted below chassis For greater safety and neatness
Triple-tier EHT smoothing replaced twin-tier To remove hum and increase EHT value
Anti-hum mods from Nov '53 issue installed at cathode of tube To remove slight hum on picture
Perspex replaced paxolin for controls' mounting panel Paxolin not in stock
R67 shorted out, R68 reduced to 240K To increase range of brightness control and maintain correct focus
½ohm in series with tube heater To reduce tendency to grid emission on tube, which was slightly over-run



Eyetags replaced wires around screws For more reliable earthing points