• On the whole I hear very little back from my customers, which is a good sign. For most people, my products simply work, and as far as they're concerned that's the end of the matter. However, sometimes I do receive some feedback. All the messages below are genuine and relate to my tinnitus suppression products, past and present...

Itís now been 2 weeks since we came over to see you and I am pleased to say that I am now getting benefit from the specific frequency CD you made for me...

Over the last two weeks I have been playing the CD at night followed by the only masking sound which I had found to have any effect. However in the last 4 days the CD has worked on its own and I have been falling asleep before it finished. Also for the last two nights I havenít needed to take a co codamol which normally helps me to sleep. Even though the tinnitus might be high when I go to bed my brain seems to be reacting differently. Itís as though the tinnitus is further away and not right in my head...

You definitely have a product that can help thousands of people and I wish you luck in promoting it. M.I. Dorset.

Stephen, Thanks for developing this CD, it is a very useful tool when my tinnitus is bad. I have not come across anyone else with the same dynamic tinnitus as me and certainly not someone who also crumples plastic wrapping in their ears to knock it back! N.H. Cambs.

Steve thank you so much for your time and effort. The tapes you invented have given me tremendous relief the noise is just part of my background now instead of my every thought . I live in America and it's too bad your product is not sold here. I was so happy to have stumbled upon your website and that my friends were visiting London it all worked out. Thank you again for such a wonderful product. Happy quiet tinnitus days T.S. New York, USA.

I also want you to know that this is the third set your CDs that i have ordered, and they have really helped me to keep my sanity over the past year. I developed tinnitus after a visit to a doctor in which I was given both an H1N1 flu shot and a powerful blood pressure medication. It was a shock to wake up the next day with an alarm going off in my head, and then finding out that "I would just have to learn to live with it." am doing better now, and I owe a great deal of that to your CDs. I ordered the third set so I would have a back up and I wanted to try the Silver CD because my hearing loss is in the high range. Thank you so much for helping those of us who suffer from tinnitus. C.T. Texas, USA.

Andy Robinson writes:I tested extensively with the sounds, and here is what worked best for me:-


EQ settings: 2kHz and below cut as far as possible, flat around 4kHz, boosted at 8 and 16kHz

Only quite a low volume was needed. I switched the sound on and off as follows:-

ON 3 seconds
OFF 6 seconds
ON 3 seconds
OFF 6 seconds

This way I could experience almost complete silence in the OFF periods. It was very effective.

Having the sound on all the time was not as pleasant and comfortable for me, I think that the blank periods were important.

For me, the other pulses were not as effective.

Andy's schedule of sounds has been used as the basis for what is now the 'Violet CD'. <

I have tried your device and found it very effective when tinnitus is at its most irritating, so much so that I wore it all the time for 3 days. Every time I took it off I immediately wanted to put it back on again and did so. When the tinnitus is not very irritating there is no point in wearing it but its handy to have around for emergencies!   G.F. Derbyshire.

In the beginning I was a bit disappointed with the Detinnitising Amplifier. Then I told my neurochiropractor about it. He advised me to use it just for my affected left (tinnitus-affected) ear. He was correct. So I attach the device to my clothing and put one earphone in my left ear. The other is in the pocket of my shirt. And now it works!   J.R. Netherlands.

You are a great person to do business with.  M.C. New York, USA.

Hello tinnitus hearing aid arrived this morning, i've now ordered another tinnitus earing aid off you for a friend.  T.W. Wallasey, Wirral.

i have just bought a detinnitiser and it seems to work, if i now order the CD can I get the realaxator free?  B.E. Teignmouth, Devon.

Last November I ordered the Detinnitiser CD from your website and payed it through Paypal. I received the CD a couple of days later. The CD has been so helpful that I decided also to buy your Detinnitising Amplifier.  P.W. Netherlands.

...it is producing more practical usable results than the high powered researchers out there have not been able to do...so keep at your creative endeavors Steve!!  

...I do know that it does put me into a deep sleep when I go to bed at night, which is a good thing. R.S. Florida, USA.

I'd recommend people try the 'Detinnitiser' loop. It really helps when I am having a bad day. I use it when I sleep also.  D. (Internet Discussion Forum).

I was about to e-mail you about my relaxator...... I have found it really useful with the tinnitus (will they ever find a cure) but I saw your new product and thought it must be worth a go. R.E. Devon

I purchased your (Detinnitising Amp) product. It works great... N.T. Staten Island, USA

I have bought your original tinnitus appliance and now I see you brought out a new model, please let me it... R.B. Malaga, Spain.

I have received the Detinnitiser and my Father is raving about it, he finds more benefit (at the moment) using just the headphones on their own. He has been working with the machine also, but finds headphones more suitable. He has also tried the cd's, and found that the pink cd with its crisp packet noise particularly good. He is wondering is it possible to have the sounds from the pink cd through the headphones, and is curious to know what the "signal in" button is for. Any help would be much appreciated, as this is happiest my dad has been in over 20 years of suffering, for which I thank you. J.N. Chandlers Ford, Hants.

The CDs arrived very promptly, and I am pleased to tell you that I have had the best nights sleep in months. Thank you for your prompt service. J.O. Clitheroe, Lancs.

(If) you have some residual inhibition and might benefit from a detinniser CD on repeat mode. I use it every night to help with sleep and have trouble sleeping without it. M. Internet Discussion Board.

Hello, I recently purchased your CDís and sent them back and got a prompt refund. Thanks very much for that. I did try all three CDís and the grey one was close, but as you remarked yourself when we spoke on the phone, the "bell" sound of my own tinnitus, not being present in any of the CD frequencies remained audible as I guess it wasnít being cancelled out...Thanks again. Best wishes. L. McL. Glastonbury.

I have recently purchased the two CD's you have for sale on your website, for my Uncle who has this condition in his ears, only since a couple of weeks. It is driving him insane but since he has listened to the CD's it has helped him a lot. N.P. London SE14.

... i have used the deinnitiser cd its cheap and works when the tinnitus is realy bad... this site is good the cd works for me after 15 years i have tried all sorts sound therpy herbal but this realy helps... R. Internet Discussion Board.

Thank you for copies of detinnitising tapes the Violet CD has been a life saver for me i am playing it as i type this message. My tinnitus has been so loud and 24/7 it has nearly pushed me over the edge. If there was not people like yourself out there to help people like me i dont know what we would do. The doctors are aware how desperate i am. My GP has asked for an Emergancy appointment and that was 3 weeks ago. I just wanted you to know Mr Ostler that if it wasnt for receiving your Detinnitising tapes to play while i wait for an appointment and some help to understand this debilitating condition i just dont know what i would have done. Many Thanks.  B.M. Bradford.


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