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Obsolete Video format conversion

The following can offer tape format conversion, i.e. they can copy from one tape (not television) standard to another.

  • JOE PAGANO, Obsolete Tape Transfer Service, RGB Broadcast Service Co., 7948, Oxford Ave., Suite 102, Philadelphia, PA 19111 USA. Web site:
  • PLANET TELEVISION, 7 Feltham Avenue, Hampton Court, Surrey, KT8 9BJ. Tel: 020 8974 6050. Web site: Comprehensive audio and video transcription service. Chosen by BT Heritage for long term project to restore their media library.
  • PMF VIDEO LTD (Paul Farnsworth) in Wallington, Surrey specialises in 2" quad and tape cleaning. 020-8669 0011.
  • TELEVISION ARCHIVING LTD, 10 Wivenhoe Business Centre, Wivenhoe, Colchester, CO7 9DP (01206-823526, fax 01206-826751). Specialist in transferring from 2" Quad and 1" C-format to present-day formats.
  • TWENTIETH-CENTURY VIDEO in Wembley is also good for 2" quad format. 020-8904 6271.
  • THE VIDEO LAB (formerly Flintdown Channel 5 Television), Back West Crescent, Lytham St Annes, Lancs., FY8 1SU, has a collection of vintage VCRs so vast it confuses even the most ardent of format spotters. These include Philips EL3400, 1500, 1700 and 2000 including slow-motion; 2" Quad in 405, PAL, SECAM and NTSC, with full tape cleaning facilities; Ampex A, B and C; EIAJ; Betacam and Betacam SP; Akai and Funai/Technicolor 1/4"; Betamax, Video 8, Hi-8; VHS and S-VHS. Timebase correction available. In all cases NTSC variants are included where appropriate. Contact Donald Blakely, Chief Engineer, on St. Anne's on Sea (Lancs.) 01253-725499 or 782827.
  • SSVC at Chalfont St. Peter in Bucks (01494 874468) is said to have a variety of ancient-format machines available. "Try the multicopying department (don't be put off if you only want a single copy!)".
  • VANDERQUEST Ltd., 7 Latimer Road, Teddington, Middlesex. TW11 8QA. Tel: 020 8977 1743 Web site: A long established firm which can handle all the following formats: D-1, D-2, D-3, D-5, 1"C, 1"B, 2" Quad, Umatic, Philips 1500, Philips 1700, VHS, SVHS, Betamax, in addition to virtually all modern formats from Betacam SP through to HDCAM. There's plenty more to see on their excellent site.
  • THE VIDEO ARK/REEVE VIDEO SERVICES (Lucy Reeve) in west London (020-8840 6293, mobile 0956-239466) has a 2" Quad machine (and other formats).
  • VIDEOINFO.NL Van Egmondstraat 35, 2024 XL Haarlem, The Netherlands. Tel: 06-54986866. Martijn Belle's comprehensive video format conversion service. The site at provides full details in English, Dutch and German. Martijn's service puts the emphasis on quality. Timebase correction and careful de-noising is included as appropriate. Well worth a visit.
  • VIDEO INTERCHANGE, 92 George Luce Rd, Waldoboro, Maine 04572. Tel: 207-832-5064. Web site:   Vintage, Rare, Old, Obsolete or Antique Reel to Reel Video Format Transfer, Duplication and Recovery World Standards Conversion - PAL PAL-N PAL-M SECAM SECAM-L MESECAM NTSC-M NTSC 4.43. Damaged Video Recovery - Video Archiving - Audio Restoration - Vintage 78's - Vintage Audio.

Audio & Video Transcription, etc.

  • ADRIAN TUDDENHAM, 88 Mount Road, Southdown, Bath, BA2 1LH. Phone 01225-335974.
  • ALIVE STUDIOS, Walmer Towers, Moles Lane, Torquay, Devon, TQ5 5LS. Tel: 0800 0830561. Video tape transfer and remastering in full HD from VHS, Betamax, U-Matic, DigiBeta, etc. Web site:
  • BLUE TURTLE VIDEO 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS. Web site: Video cassettes digitally re-mastered. Video to DVD transfer. DVDs come complete with interactive DVD menu, case and labels.
  • COPYCATS MEDIA, 712 Ontario Avenue West, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403, USA. Phone: 612-371-8008 Free: 888-698-8008 Fax: 612-371-8011. Hi-Fi Media. CD/DVD manufacturing. Professional CD & DVD projects delivered on time and in budget. Web site:
  • EARMARK PRODUCTIONS, phone 01636-822396. Transfer to CD from wax cylinders, shellac and vinyl discs, 1/4" tape, etc. at 2p/second with additonal options of noise reduction and de-clicking at 1p/second each. Minimum charge £45+VAT post-paid.
  • PRECISION AUDIO RESTORATION, 15517 Dayton Av. N., Shoreline, WA 98133, USA. Web site: Restoration and conversion from virtually any audio format, however obscure, to CD. Home of the 'Derumbleizer' a unique device that actively cancels rumble upto 3 octaves higher than other filters.
  • TED KENDALL, 1 Glan-yr-Afon, Gladestry, KINGTON, Herefs., HR5 3NX.. Phone 01544-22211. Ted specialises in getting the best recovery from old acetates, 78rpm records and 16" transcriptions. He was responsible for restoring the Goon Shows rebroadcast by the BBC.
  • WARD KREMER, 5807 Papaya Drive, Ft. Pierce, FL 34982, USA. Phone/Fax: 00 1 561-468 7732. E-mail: Transfers of old wire recordings.
  • BOB MARRIOTT, 12 Davenham Close, Malvern, Worcs., WR14 2TY (01684-561040). Expert on tape recording formats of the past, helpful with information. Has what is probably the country’s largest collection of audio tape recorders.
  • NATIONAL SOUND ARCHIVE, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB. Phone the information officer on 020-7412 7430 in the first place. They are part of the British Library and are particularly well placed to handle very early formats including wax cylinders and steel wire recordings. Sony Elcasets and other tapes in cartridges and cassettes can be removed from these and replayed on an open- reel machine.
  • QVTS - Quadruplex Videotape Transfer Services, Johnson City, Tennessee. USA. Web site: Owner/operator L. E. Odham performs 2 inch quadruplex videotape restoration and transferring in NTSC-525/60 format. He has a broadcast engineering maintenance background with 27 years experience.
  • SHAW SOUNDS (John Shaw), 5 Douglas Avenue, Harold Wood, Essex, RM3 0UT. Tel: 01708 342553, 07941 556912. Web site:  Professional audio transfer & restoration. LP Vinyl - 45 singles - 78 rpm Records - Reel to Reel Tapes - Cassettes - 8-track cartridges - MiniDisc - DAT - Dictaphone.
  • SOUND TRANSFERS an up-to-date audio workshop, run by John L. Davies, who has many years experience in sound retrieval and conservation and a special interest in Spoken Word and Classical Music, offers a professional service for archives, libraries and private collectors. Precision transfers to CD from old 1/4 inch tapes made at any speed, reel size. From cassettes, DAT, Betamax. Also from grooved media: discs of all types, sizes and speeds. Cylinder and wire recordings. Hiss and noise reduction with Cedar. Programme editing. For more details and rates, tel: 01758-612932, or have a look at our web-site:
  • THE VIDEO ARK/REEVE VIDEO SERVICES (Lucy Reeve) in west London (020-8840 6293, mobile 0956-239466) offers high quality disc transcription 33, 45, 78 plus continuously variable, with appropriate equalisation. CD transfer and CD digital cloning onto R-DAT. Quarter-inch reel-to-reel, full, half and quarter track, 15/16" to 15 inches per second plus variable speed. Up to 10.5" NAB spool. Compact cassette, DAT, mini-cassette, microcassette and most dictation machine formats. Tape treatment.
  • VIDEO INTERCHANGE, 92 George Luce Rd, Waldoboro, Maine 04572. Tel: 207-832-5064. Web site:   Audio Restoration - Vintage 78's - Vintage Audio.
  • VIDEO99.CO.UK Video-to-DVD transfers from most formats. Tel: 01752 881652 (Devon). Web site:
  • WAY WITH WORDS, Central House, 1 Ballards Lane, Finchley Central, London N3 1LQ, UK. Tel: 020 7022 4814. Web sites: and  Way With Words converts various analogue formats to digital format without charge, providing their transcription-to-text service is used.


See The Video Lab above.

Quadruplex Spares

QUAD ONE ELECTRONICS, located at Dubs Inc. in Hollywood, USA (+1 213-461 3726). Talk to Art Mairose for repairs to Quadruplex repairs and parts.

Tape Stock

  • Tapes for the Technicolor 1/4" machines can be had from Terry Martini, 122B Cannon Street Road, Shadwell, LONDON, E1 2LH ( tel/fax 0171-251 3196) at £3 each or from Funai in Japan at £18 each.
  • Philips V2000 tapes are (or at least, were) in stock at Combined Consumer Spares, Unit 9B, Avanti Business Complex, Manchester Road, Manchester, M27 2ND (0161-794 7633).


There are many excellent telecine services. Of note:

  • Alive Studios, Walmer Towers, Moles Lane, Torquay, Devon, TQ5 5LS. Tel: 0800 0830561. True HD cine film scanning and restoration from 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm film. Web site:
  • Plato Video in Bournemouth. They handle standard 8, super 8, 9.5 and 16mm gauges (also 525/625 PAL/SECAM/NTSC standards conversion work). A professional multiplex and Sony broadcast camera are used, giving first- rate results at competitive prices. Twin 35mm slide facilities with dissolve is also available. Output to domestic and broadcast (Betacam SP) tape formats. Speak to Lionel Fynn on 01202-554382.
  • East Anglian Film Archive, Professional 9.5mm (silent) film to video transfer to Beta SP, VHS, S-VHS and high and low-band U-Matic. Norwich (01603-592664).


625 to 405 line conversion

  • David Looser, Maristow, Holbrook Road, Harkstead, IPSWICH, Suffolk, IP9 1BP. Phone 01473-328649. Uses self-designed and built broadcast-standard converter, incorporating BBC interpolation algorithms. Input tapes can be accepted on Philips 1700, EIAJ, Video2000, Beta or VHS. Note that he will require a letter indemnifying him of any potential copyright theft.


Audio tape restoration

  • Adrian COSENTINI, 3422 214th Place, Bayside, NY 11361, USA.
  • Steve SMOLIAN, Smolian Sound Studios, 1 Wormans Mill Court #4, Frederick, MD 21701, USA.
  • Scott TAYLOR, Audio Restoration Services, 13308 Enterprise Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44135-5106, USA (00 1 216-433 1220; fax 00 1 216-433 1223) Web site:
  • Seth B. WINNER, Sound Studios, Inc., 1296 East 48th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234-2102, USA.
  • Jim WHEELER, Tape Archival & Restoration Service, 1763 Valley View, Belmont, CA 94002, USA (00 1 415-595 4090; fax 00 1 415-594 0951, e-mail:

Video tape restoration

  • Peter BROTHERS, Specs Bros., L.L.C., P.O. Box 5, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, USA (00 1 800-852 7732; fax 00 1 201- 440 6588).
  • Quadruplex Videotape Transfer Services - QVTS, Johnson City, Tennessee. USA. Web site: Owner/operator L. E. Odham performs 2 inch quadruplex videotape restoration and transferring in NTSC-525/60 format. He has a broadcast engineering maintenance background with 27 years experience.
  • Grace LAN, Bay Area Video Coalition, 1111 17th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA.
  • Jim LINDNER, VidiPax, 920 Broadway, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10010, USA (+1 800-653 8434).


    If you can offer similar services or whatever and would like your name mentioned, please drop us a line. Same applies if you need help with anything else related to old television - we may be able to assist.


    Don't throw away any broadcast standard studio equipment of the monochrome 625 or 405 era! We can find you buyers for I.O. cameras, tripods, small monitors, vision mixers, even manuals for scrapped equipment, etc. etc. Contact the Dicky Howett on 01371-820155 - thanks!

    This list is compiled by Andrew Emmerson as a service to the broadcast and film industries. The list became the quickest way of handling the increasing number of referrals I was getting! If the list is wrong, it's probably because I haven't been told...

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