Multiple coats of lacquer have now been sprayed on with flatting between coats. A coloured cellulose coat has been included for grain and repair masking purposes. The stippled appearance in the photo isn't real - it's an artifact produced from trying to sharpen a blurred original.
Here's the driver pinion assembly for the record cutter arm; siezed of course, but not too hard to free off. Yes, this model incorporates a recording facility, as well as being able to play records in the normal way !  The original recording disks were made of aluminium with a plastic coating.
This front motor bearing was also siezed and some garage-style techniques were necessary to pull it off. The motor was designed to work from US-style 60Hz mains. To adapt it for our UK 50Hz supply two neoprene shrink sleeves were later added to the capstan (on the left end of the bearing seen here) to increase its radius. The final speed achieved was spot-on 78 rpm. However I do suspect that this 60Hz-rated motor may run at a higher temperature when fed from a 50Hz supply.
So a thermal reset was added to the motor for extra safety.

It had proved possible to remove the siezed turntable after several days-worth of penetrating oil down the central spindle. Here we see the turntable after it has been re-covered with dark brown felt.
The chassis is cleaned and restoration is started. A lot of the wiring has to be replaced where it has abraded whilst going through holes in the chassis. Lafayette had not used grommets.
Sadly the mains transformer is revealed as having shorted turns and overheats. It's replaced with a larger unit from a similar-period Philco. The chassis has to be slightly re-cut to accomodate this. A thermal reset was added to protect this transformer.
Getting it together now... The delightful dial, printed on top of a form of silver foil, needs minimal attention to look nice again. The 6G5 magic eye is fine, though it only really responds as strong stations are tuned. Both the on/off volume and tone potentiometers need replacing. All the valves test fine.
Bad news from the gram deck. The die-cast pickup cartridge gives no signal when checked on the scope...





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