RESTORATION OF A 1959 BUSH TV85                                                                                                 Page 5


The front frame components are disassembled and cleaned up. Bakelite polishing paste is used on the outside of the rim...


... and optical cleaner is sprayed on both sides of the glass, backed up by a little 0000 wire wool to remove the gluey deposits around its edge..

When later putting everything back together, sod's law always has it that there will be a speck of dust trapped between the glass and the tube face - now very noticeable because everything else is so clean !  So the assembly job can sometimes need doing several times.

The front frame is reassembled, complete with speaker...

This is how it now looks from the front.

Now attention is directed to the cabinet. It's seen here on its side. This is in average condition and shows some scratches.

A full cabinet restoration has not been requested, so instead the cabinet is 'improved' by rubbing in some Peruvian Mahogany wood stain and then polishing.

The front section is now mounted up and the result looks like this.


I find the easiset way to start offering up the chassis is to place the set on the floor and pull the control panel through the front by using a pull-wire...

There are two of these claws, which ride on eccentric pivots - to be adjusted. They brace the cabinet to the upper rear corners of the chassis.

Adjustment is best done with a 3/8 Whitworth socket. Then the setting is locked with the central screw.

The front escutcheon will shortly be fixed onto its bearer. The knobs will have to go on the shafts before this is done.

The assembly is then pushed in through the cabinet slot and secured using the two screws seen here on the right.

How much the pushbuttons jut out at the front can be adjusted using the pairs of screws on each shaft - a nice feature.

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